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Gazing upon the Sagrada Familia

Taken in Barcelona in 2010, the Basilica is seemingly always being further developed, decades after the death of its architect, Antoni Gaudi.

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On a blue winter's day, a view from Brooklyn of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. A little ways south of Newcastle in New South Wales is this attractive coastline featuring surprisingly large caves. The palace city in Beijing, China demonstrating clearly what a grand scale of design really looks like. A tightly framed view of the inside of the Forbidden City in Beijing, focusing on an old water container, used to put out fires in emergency situations. One of the marvels of the world, the Great Wall of China, unrestored section as seen from near the Mutianyi section of the wall, north of Beijing. Heading east along the top of the restored section of the Great Wall, near the Mutianyi section, north of Beijing. It has become an annual tradition for the residents in the far north of China to create ice sculptures on a grand scale.  This shot is from opening night of the ice festival in Harbin, China in 2011. A candid action shot of a Siberian Tiger in action during a tour of the harbin Tiger Park and Sanctuary in Winter, 2011. A nice vineyard shot from the Lovedale area in New South Wales' Hunter Valley region. Under the guns of the mighty U.S.S Missouri in Pearl Harbour in the Hawai'ian isles. Just north of Port Douglas in Far North Queensland is the lush tropical rainforest called the Daintree. Taken on the 75th anniversary of the Bridge's opening, the day provided stellar views across the city from a vantage point near North Sydney. A view of the Kona Country Club lf course from the Sheraton Spa and Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. Taken from within an active crater on the Big Island in Hawaii, inside the Hawaii Volcano National park. ..but actually on the Big Island in Hawaii.  Due to the sulphur and other volcanic emissions the environment started to feel very alien, like being on another planet  perhaps? A lovely springtime shot, not far from False Creek near downtown Vancouver, Canada. Another angle on this great spring day from downtown Vancouver in Canada. A nice view of Uriarra Crossing in the nation's capital, Canberra.  this is a very popular watering hole during the hot summer months. It's time for a scrum as the ACT Brumbies host the visiting Hurricanes from New Zealand.  Nice telephoto shot before the scrum packs down. A very neat telephoto shot of Brumbies Hooker Stephen Moore about to throw into a lineout during a game against the Hurricanes frmo New Zealand. A nice shot of the Vaucluse headland near the lighthouse, north of Christison Park. A view west from the Vaucluse headland towards the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge as the sun begins to set to the west. A wider view of the sunset west from the Vaucluse headland. The new National Arboretum in Canberra provides great district views, especially of nearby Lake Burley Griffin and the nearby Parliamentary triangle. A lineout win for the ACT Brumbies as they host the Hurricanes from New Zealand. An impressive view of one of the largest caves in the Jenolan caves complex north of ulburn, New South Wales. Another view of one of the lergest caves in the Jenolan caves complex north of ulburn, in New South Wales. A collection of stalagmites and stalactites from the Jenolan caves complex in New South Wales. A black and white shot taken at the top of the abbey Mont St. Michel in northern France. An interesting exposure of a room in the middle of the Mont St. Michel abbey complex in Northern France. The stone arches supporting the abbey of Mont St Michel often can  unnoticed, but they are more works of art than simply  structural supports. Just off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea lies this strategic fortress, built stubbornly at the foot of a giant rock, called Gibraltar. A long exposure photo of the ancient ruins of the Roman forum taken in the twilight hours in Rome, Italy. This is a shot of the Vatican taken from the top of nearby Castel Sant'Angelo, on the banks of the river Tiber. The pastel colours of the low rise buildings decorating the canals of Burano make for a beautiful backdrop. This is an artful shot looking up from inside a stairwell inside the legendary Arc de Triumph in Paris, France. A lovely shot of a merry  round near the base of the famous Eiffel Tower, near the banks of the river Seine in Paris, France. A lovely black and white shot of a merry  round near the base of the famous Eiffel Tower, near the banks of the river Seine in Paris, France. A nice photo from the estate of Pontet-Canet north of Bordeaux in southern France. From the cellars of Chateau Desmirail in the region of Margaux near Bordeaux in southern France. From the Northern Territories near Hong Kong, this shot was taken inside a Chinese temple, illustrating the serene nature of the many coils of incense slowly burning away. Only a little ways north from Hong Kong, heading towards Mainland China, there is a temple which is host to 10,000 Buddha statues. A nice shot looking south east from above Aberdeen on the island of Hong Kong, looking towards the exotic South China Seas. A long exposure night shot of the lights of Hong Kong taken from near the peak on Mount Victoria. From the Jin Mao tower in the Pudong district in downtown Shanghai, we get a brilliant view of the city lights by night. In ancient Athens, there once stood what must have been a mighty and impressive temple dedicated to the god of gods, Zeus.  Today, little remains... Located in the Roman Agora in the ancient part of Athens, Greece, this temple has been partially rebuilt since ancient times. The Great Pyramid is indeed a wonderous sight, this shot was composed adjacent to the remains of one of the Queen's pyramids, nearby in Giza, Egypt. Found buried at the foot of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt were the wooden remains of great solar boats which once would have transported the body of an Egyptian Pharaoh to the ancient pyramid complex. Just outside the Giza Pyramid complex near Cairo in Egypt lies the desert stretching on to the horizon.. Just outside the city of Barcelona, deep in the nearby hills lies a monastery called Santa Maria de Montserrat.  This shot was taken from nearby, looking away from the majestic hillside. The original wooden roof of a church not far from the hustle and bustle of busy La Rambla in the Spanish city of Barcelona. The amazing view inside the famous Jin Mao tower in the Pudong district in Shaghai, China.  The view encompasses a view of a drop of about 30 stories. A nice panoramic view of Sydney Harbour on New Year's Eve in 2007. The host nation's massive pavilion at the World Expo 2010 hosted in Shanghai, China. This is a quaint traditional Japanese structure we found inside the grounds of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan. Getting lost in the nighttime atmosphere amidst the bright lights of the Shinjuku district in Tokyo, Japan. The western rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona is a spectacular sight.  This branch seemed to be reaching out into the depths of the void below. This shot was snapped from the rear of a departing ferry, using a tripod, and captures seagulls seemingly escaping from the former island prison. Taken in exotic Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, the Sunday markets are well worth the visit. Last year I participated in the ogle Photo Walk in Canberra.  I snapped this early photo using a tripod and a long exposure setting. Taken from a nice vantage point on Observatory Hill, this photo comfortably blends the serenity of the location with the grandness of the great arch. From near Luna Park in North Sydney, you are offered a great view of both the Opera House in the distance and the Harbour Bridge looming above. Just near Dawes Point Park, there is a nice view of North Sydney and Luna Park from underneath the massive shadow of the Harbour Bridge. In downtown Vancouver you can come across these sprightly critters hopping from tree to tree in search of food and adventure. Snapped in Athens in 2010, we were amongst the first to ascend the Acropolis that day, and managed a rare shot with almost no people around. A photo looking out from deep within one of the Queen Pyramids at the Giza Pyramid complex near Cairo, Egypt. A rare opportunity to see clearly and vividly from the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to Liberty Island by way of the tip of Manhattan Island on a perfect Winter's morning in December 2004. The city known as Rhodes Old Town benefits from an amazing port with crystal clear waters and spectacular weather. This is at the entrance to the Capela dos Ossos in the city of Evora in Portugal.  The macabre nature of the chapel is well and truly masked by the opulent detail which welcomes you. A look inside the Capela dos Ossos, or Chapel of Bones, located in the Portuguese city of Evora.  Features a warning at the entrance: “We, the bones that are here, await yours." This is a photo underneath the massive dome of St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City.  The pavilion-like structure in the centre stands 30 metres tall! Taken in 2009, this black and white exposure captures the majestic tower bridge opening with the iconic white tower of the Tower of London to the left. Taken at the St. John's co-cathedral in Malta, this church originally was quite spartan, but over many decades the wealth here amassed as the Knights of St. John prospered. Taken at Antoni Gaudi's Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain in 2010. Taken in Barcelona in 2010, the Basilica is seemingly always being further developed, decades after the death of its architect, Antoni Gaudi. A nice black and white rendering of the staircase spiraling through Christopher Wren's "Monument" in the heart of London. This is a nice shot of the rich interior of St John's Co-Cathedral on the island of Malta.  Its rich heritage is owed to the successes of the Knights of St John, who relocated to Malta after leaving the island of Rhodes. Taken while visiting the ancient capital of Greece - Athens - during our trip in 2010.  Great detail on the seat, the graffiti really stood out. A view of the ancient Sphinx at the Pyramid complex at Giza, just outside Cairo in Egypt. Taken from Cairo, this is a late afternoon view of the river Nile. Taken from inside the brand new and very modern Library of Alexandria during our first visit to Egypt in 2010. This is a HDR-processed shot of the arch of Septimius Severus located in the Roman Forum in the ancient part of Rome.  The arch is still in excellent condition, especially compared to the rest of the forum. This is a tripod based long exposure shot of Sydney Harbour taken from the Taronga Zoo side (north harbour) around 10pm on New Year's Eve in 2007.  There is a certain serenity to the place. We have here a black and white rendering of a shot taken inside the ancient Trajan's marketplace in Rome.  I had trouble trying to capture the raw detail of the structure whilst contrasting it against the sheer size of the marketplace itself, the contrast seemed better in black and white - especially for the foreground. Taken from the grounds of Old Parliament House on Australia Day, this is a shot near the Aboriginal tent embassy.  The letters paint a very visceral picture at the heart of Aboriginal affairs. Walking around my neighbourhood in the summer evenings - especially around sunset - provides opportunity to get some interesting contrast shots.  The sky was a brilliant amber/apricot contrasted against the dark brick of the newly built terrace houses. In the western part of Canberra, the sun sets over the Brindabella ranges and Mount Stromlo.  On a summer's evening this can produce lovely effects if the timing's right. This photo was taken whilst on a Google Photo Walk back in 2012.  It was a brilliant day for photography, and I think this shot really captured the colours of the balloons against the backdrop of nearby Yarralumla. We recently ascended to the top of Mount Stromlo in Canberra's west on a nice day.  Although windy, we were treated to excellent regional views. Last year we visited Uriarra Creek which lies to the west of Mount Stromlo at the foothills of the Brindabella Ranges.  This nice shot captures my eldest son Jake exploring the riverside.