A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Revision Date Changes
v1.3.4.0 2014-01-07 PM Happy New Year! Added "Slide Show" page which allows "scrolling" through all photos.
v1.3.3.0 2013-11-13 PM Added pagination to the Latest photo pages (you can scroll back 3 images at a time).
Uploaded three new photos.
v1.3.2.0 2013-11-12 PM Added Date Added to Latest and Image View pages.
Added introduction note to the Latest page.
Uploaded three new photos.
v1.3.1.0/1 2013-11-10 AM Ensure all image tags use the responsive CSS class for proper resizing on mobile devices.
v1.3.0.0/1/2 2013-11-08 AM Added new 'latest images' page - displays last three photos added.
Minor text fixes.
Added meta tags (description) to most pages.
v1.2.4.0 2013-11-08 AM Mainly bug fixes, added "None selected" option to the search page.
Removed excess querystring clutter from gallery page.
Updated sitemap and robots.txt
Added 'Date Added' for each photo.
v1.2.3.0 2013-11-07 AM Added new image rendering for image previews.
v1.2.2.0 2013-11-07 AM Recompiled against new DB schema.
v1.2.1.0 2013-10-25 AM Added Google Ads to the footer.
v1.2.0.0 2013-10-25 AM Added new Search page
Root domain (http://rs-photography.org) now aliased to Azure (no need for the www. subdomain).
v1.1.0.0 2013-10-17 PM Added accordion control to the view image page.
Refactored solution to remove unused functionality and libraries.
v1.0.4.1 2013-10-14 PM Fixed some minor issues with the photo text/categories.
v1.0.4.0 2013-10-13 PM Added new Technical Details.
v1.0.3.2 2013-10-13 AM Added new content, new locations and genres.
v1.0.3.2 2013-10-12 PM Added new content, new locations and genres. Adjusted style of changes page.
Added contextual text to the master and default page (for site sampling).
v1.0.3.1 2013-10-12 AM Removed Genre/Locations which have no items from Gallery drop lists.
Added initial Change Log page.
v1.0.3.0 2013-10-11 PM Added photo caption above selected image in Gallery Page and text underneath.
Added site version to master footer.
Spaced thumbnails on Gallery Page with a 10px top margin.
v1.0.2.0 2013-10-11 PM Added 'View All' options for Genre and Location on the Gallery Page.
Added site metadata.
v1.0.0.0 2013-10-11 AM Initial Release.